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College Readiness AP Brochure

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Learning Tools for AP® CoursesSave AP Teachers Time. Boost Student Outcomes.

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Exam-Like QuestionsPerfectly modeled and up-to-date College Board® level questions ensure students access content that aligns with their AP courses and mimics what they will experience on their exams. Immediate FeedbackDetailed answer explanations written by AP experts help students learn from their mistakes, clear up misconceptions, and develop critical thinking skills.Built-in SupportVivid images, vocabulary assistance, hints, formula sheets, alternative methods, and mini-lessons are included to support students based on their individual needs.Realistic Practice That Increases Mastery

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Ease of UseEverything from initial setup and training to monitoring progress is meant to be ecient and intuitive so teachers don’t have to work harder. Assignment ToolsTeachers can eortlessly find, preview, and assign content aligned to their course to individuals or groups of students based on their unique needs. PresentationsConvenient presentation tools make it simple for teachers to integrate content into their classroom lessonsTeacher Resources That Make Life

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Unit AssessmentsMeasure AP mastery, program eectiveness, and test readiness across a single class to the entire district.Real-Time DataTeachers have the information they need to identify gaps early and make instructional decisions. Robust ReportingUsage and progress monitoring gives teachers and administrators insight at the student, class, campus, and district levels.Assessments and Reporting That Measure Success

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AP Opportunity Leads to AP SuccessThere's a misconception that students in AP courses don't need much support. But after helping millions of medical, law, and accounting students understand VERY dicult concepts, we know that's not true. Our passion is empowering educators in providing opportunities and support to all AP students and helping students achieve success in high school and beyond. UWorld's Learning Tools for AP Courses has provided quality content and the extra support needed for our students to understand AP curriculum and exams. The questions oer explanations that aid students' understanding of topics and the unit tests provide a tool for teachers to evaluate students' understanding of the subject."Pat Sermas, Director of Advanced Academics/AVIDPasadena ISD, TX

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Welcome to UWorld, where we make really hard stu easy to understand!Visit to learn more.Preparing students for college and beyondACT®AP English LanguageAP English LiteratureAP U.S. GovernmentAP U.S. HistoryAP World HistoryAP Human Geography AP Psychology SAT®AP Calculus AB & BCAP Statistics AP BiologyAP ChemistryAP Environmental ScienceAP Physics 1Our focus on research-based strategies improves engagement, retention, and critical thinking skills. With our College Readiness solutions, students gain the skills and confidence they need to realize their dreams.© Copyright 2022, UWorld, LLC. All rights reserved.AP ® is a registered trademark of the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this product.Discover All of Our Available Courses