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College Readiness ACT/SAT Brochure

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Online Practice for the ACT® or SAT®Build Confidence and Ability

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Exam-Like QuestionsQuestions written by SAT & ACT experts mimic the diculty and style of the exam and are updated frequently to ensure students know what to expect. Easy Assignment ToolsTeachers can eortlessly find, preview, present, and assign content to individuals or groups of students based on their unique needs and progress.Students have access to over 2,500 rigorous questions that cover all of the concepts they will encounter on test day.Purposeful Practice

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Immediate FeedbackDetailed answer explanations allow students to learn from their mistakes, clear up misconceptions, and develop critical thinking skills. Built-in SupportIllustrations, hints, digital flashcards, and other learning tools reinforce key concepts, themes, and equations—improving retention along the way.Concise explanations, powerful images, and embedded support for every question ensure students learn as they practice and remember what they learn.Individualized

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Track Usage and ProgressInsight at the district, campus, class, and student levels show usage and progress to evaluate program success.Measure Test ReadinessReal-time data tracking illustrates how students are practicing and how they will perform on the exam.Easy-to-interpret data dashboards track usage, identify areas of weakness, and compare results, ensuring that every instructional decision is data-driven.Content can be used in a variety of ways, from boot camps, prep classes, integration into core classes, or independent practice in advisory periods.Improved PerformanceFlexible Implementation

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It's much more than a test.Opportunity. Potential.A Bright Future.In the competitive world of college admissions, every aspect of a student’s application is closely examined. While a student’s readiness for college depends on more than a test score, many universities, colleges, and scholarships consider an impressive ACT or SAT score an important part of a well-rounded application. A good score illustrates a student’s dedication, perseverance, and critical thinking skills—all attributes that lead to student success in higher learning.The explanations of all answer choices—including the incorrect ones—are the best thing about this product. Students can adjust their thinking about the problem-solving process for each question. It’s a win for students who want to take control of their futures.”Dr. Karen Zeske, Director of Advanced AcademicsArlington ISD, TX

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