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Improve Employee Engagement, Increase Retention, and Build a Talent PipelineGive Your Employees the Blueprint for Certification SuccessCPA | CMA | CIA® | CFA® | CMT®

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TABLE OF CONTENTSLearning & Development (L&D) Is in Our DNAHow UWorld grew from a medical student’s dorm-room passion project to a market leader in edtech with over 600 employees.3Future-Proof Your Firm With Workforce UpskillingThe data show that employee learning and development is essential for attracting top talent and reducing turnover.5Fill Skills Gaps and Stay on the Cutting EdgeFill skills gaps with a comprehensive catalog of courses and a suite of cutting-edge learning tools and professionally crafted resources.Build an Internal Talent PipelineMotivate employees to grow internally, increasing engagement and productivity while reducing turnover and recruitment costs.Create a Firm Employees Would RecommendCreate a positive work environment and foster a sense of belonging that boosts employee engagement.Train Employees to Train ThemselvesDetailed performance analytics empower employees to self-assess and create a study plan suited to their unique needs.791113

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Story on Next Page >The publisher’s reply?“Come back when you’re a doctor.”See the answeron page 10

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In the late 90s, a young medical student working through his postgraduate study was confronted with a problem—low-quality but expensive test prep materials. Having studied the learning pyramid, he knew that there were more eective ways to understand and retain complex information—active practice and teaching others. His idea was simple:“If practice questions felt like the actual exam, then the real thing would feel as easy as practice.”He began writing case-based learning questions for the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam® in his dorm room while maintaining a full residency schedule. With slow and steady progress, he created a 200-page review and study guide and decided to publish it.The publishers’ reply? “Come back when you’re a doctor.”Instead, he and his wife typed everything up on the early internet and, with the help of his brother and his dorm mate, created a website to oer the materials for a small fee.It took o. What had begun as Dr. Chandra Pemmasani’s passion project became USMLE World (later renamed UWorld).Dr. Pemmasani, his brother, and his former dorm mate still run the company, and while its scope and size have developed, the idea behind it has remained the same:“Superior exam scores are a natural byproduct of exam-like practice.”Today, UWorld is an industry leader in medical, nursing, pharmacy, premed, legal, and of course, finance and accounting certifications. But this isn’t just about high-stakes exams; it’s also about getting students ready for their careers. That’s why we work with higher education programs around the world to close the widening skills gap between classroom and career.OUR STORY3 600+ EMPLOYEES and Growing RapidlyQUALITY OBSESSED Team of Accounting and Finance ExpertsOver 20 YEARS Helping3 MILLION+ STUDENTSPass High-Stakes Exams From Dorm to Doctorto the UWorld DierenceThe UWorld Dierence

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42012–2013201620182023Wiley Ecient Learning acquired, adding CMT, CIMA, CMA, and CIAPeter Olinto joins the UWorld team20222021Family Nurse Practitioner & AP® prep products launched2020CFA Level 1 & Multistate Bar Exam (MBE®) products launchedThemis Bar Review acquiredMCAT® product launchedCFA Level 2 product launchedRoger CPA Review acquiredDr. Chandra creates his first medical test prep questions in his dorm room20032005First questions are published online and USMLE World is formed (later renamed UWorld)LEARNING &DEVELOPMENTIs in ourDNAAmerican Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM®) & American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) products launched

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Attract Top Talent and Retain High-Value EmployeesIf you want to attract top talent and reduce turnover, you simply have to pay your employees more, right? Well, not quite. A Glassdoor report found that the top predictor of workplace satisfaction is not pay, but the culture and values of an organization, followed by the quality of senior leadership and career opportunities.Building a Pipeline of Leaders: Internal Mobility and Cost SavingsThe financial implications of employee turnover are significant, with costs ranging from 0.5 to 4 times the employee’s annual salary. This economic reality underscores the value of nurturing internal talent for leadership roles. By prioritizing internal mobility through learning and development initiatives, organizations can eectively address skill gaps and foster a culture of advancement from within.Galvanizing a Culture of Learning and InnovationBy engaging employees in continuous learning, firms not only enhance individual skill sets but also foster a culture of intellectual curiosity and adaptive thinking. This proactive approach to professional development encourages employees to explore and integrate new processes and methodologies, catalyzing a firms dynamic growth.Building a Workforce Clients Trust: Credentialing and Industry ReputationEective programs not only equip employees with relevant skills but also enhance the firm’s credibility in its field—credibility that will be pivotal in winning client trust, attracting top-tier talent, and elevating the firm’s industry profile. In summary, a well-designed and executed training and development strategy is a powerful tool for developing a workforce that is proficient, dynamic, and trusted by both clients and peers.5Future-Proof Your Firm With Workforce UpskillingUpskilling has become so important that the World Economic Forum launched a Reskilling Revolution in 2020. In the wake of the pandemic, companies like JP Morgan Chase, Amazon, Salesforce, and PwC are investing a combined billions into future-proofing their workforces with upskilling training.Sources: 2023. Employee Turnover Statistics LinkedIn Learning. 2022. Workplace Learning Report 2022 Gallup. 2018. Millennials Want Jobs to Be Development Opportunities

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Employees are 12x more likely to leave due to perceived barriers to career growth.REPLACEMENTEmployees who feel cared about at work are 3.2x more likely to report being happy to work for their company.79% of L&D pros agree: It’s less expensive to reskill a current employee than to hire a new one.79%6The cost of replacing an employee is 0.5-4x their annual salary.52% of employees that left their job say a manager’s actions could have prevented it.A full 90% of organizations do not have all the skills they need to be successful.Performance Increase employee engagement, skills, and knowledge.Talent Attract employees who are eager to contribute to a firm that nurtures internal mobility.Culture Create an atmosphere of healthy ambition and career-centered learning.Eciency Build a workforce that understands every aspect of their job.ROI Invest in your employees to increase productivity, earn client trust, and gain recognition.Retention Keep your best employees longer and fill skills gaps from within.Benefits of Learning and DevelopmentSources: 2023. Employee Turnover Statistics LinkedIn Learning. 2022. Workplace Learning Report 2022 Gallup. 2018. Millennials Want Jobs to Be Development Opportunities52%90%65% of global leaders cite “talent and leadership shortages” as their #1 business challenge.65%5.4years2.9yearsCompanies with robust internal mobility retain employees nearly 2x longer (5.4 yrs) than those that struggle with it.COSTS BY SALARYAVGLOW MID HIGHObjectives will be met 90% more often by increasing team skills.12x3.2x400%150%50%90%

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An extensive collection of test bank questions covering foundational conceptsEngaging video lessons presented by leading accounting and finance instructorsDetailed analytics with insights on student, group, and class performanceCourses Include:7Fill Skills Gaps and Stay on the Cutting Edgefirms benefit from increasingly proficient employees before they take exams.The worlds of finance and accounting are in constant flux: regulations change, technology develops, and clients always expect you to be on the cutting edge. Unsurprisingly, skills gaps develop in even the most diligent of firms. That’s why we oer a comprehensive catalog of courses covering the most critical domains of finance and accounting. Encourage your team to stack certifications as your firm grows and confronts novel challenges that require new skills. These certifications take time. But courses are mapped to the real-world application of key concepts, so that

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Courses Include:8MeasureSelf-identify knowledge gaps by topic with detailed performance reports, then plan your studies accordingly to turn weaknesses into strengths.ApplyPractice with routinely updated questions featuring in-depth explanations, then assess yourself with mock exams aligned to the exam blueprint.StudyWatch lectures from top instructors, read study-guides that distill every concept necessary to pass, and review with customizable spaced-repetition flashcards.Empower your employees to take ownership of their learning and development with a self-study system built around a learn-by-doing methodology.Initiate a Self-Study Feedback Loop for Success

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Build an Internal Talent PipelineExample Question: CFA® Level IInternal hires become productive faster than external hires because they are familiar with the company’s operations and vision. Give your employees a reason to look for opportunities from within.Employees that see a future at your firm will stay longer, work harder, and engage more. Not only will this decrease turnover, but it will reduce recruiting costs as ambitious, motivated workers seek a firm that advances top performers.Employees develop these skills with routinely updated questions based on certification exams that emphasize job-relevant skills, and are guided through the thought process of professionals with detailed rationales written by an in-house team of subject matter experts.How?9

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Build an Internal Talent PipelineAnswer and Explanation*SurveyMonkey. (n.d.). Why Employees Crave More Training and How Employers Aren’t Delivering It. SurveyMonkey.**Dale E. 1969. Cone of experience, in Educational Media: Theory into Practice. Wiman RV (ed). Charles Merrill: Columbus, Ohio After 3 days subjects retained 45-55% more visual information than written or verbal information.10Charts, graphs, and images that significantly increase retention (according to research*).Hyperlinks provide images, explanations of terms, or more information that students can add to spaced-repetition flashcards.Our in-house team of educators, subject-matter experts, and certified professionals develop each question and write every word of content.74% of employees describe themselves as being either a visual (charts, graphs, and other visuals help them learn best) or a physical (physical activity helps them learn best) learner.*74%In-depth explanations for each answer choice guide your employees through a professional’s rationale.

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Create a Firm Employees Would Recommend11Employees who feel cared about at work are 3.2 times more likely to report being happy to work for their company and 3.7 times more likely to recommend working for their company.“Workplaces that are consistently great for all employees grow revenue 3 times faster than less-inclusive organizations.”“Employees who feel a sense of belonging are 3 times more likely to look forward to coming to work and 5 times more likely to want to stay at the company for a long time.”75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before applying.“The 100 Best index has had a cumulative return of 1,709% since 1998, as compared to 526% return for the Russell 3000 Index for the same time period.”Sources: LinkedIn Talent Solutions. (n.d.). The Ultimate List of Employer Brand Stats. LinkedIn. Great Place To Work. (n.d.). Elements of Great Company Culture. Great Place To Work.For employees, certification is not just about certification, but building a career and feeling good about where they work. An atmosphere of learning encourages collaboration. As employees become valuable sources of information to each other, the barriers between departments become more porous. That feeling of belonging increases engagement, innovation, and fosters a sense of ownership and purpose in their role, creating evangelists for your firm.But a purpose-driven culture doesn’t work unless you include everyone. That’s why it’s so important to provide dynamic solutions that cater to dierent learning styles.

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12Video lectures from leading industry experts like Peter Olinto (CFA) and Roger Philipp (CPA).Cutting-edge learning tools like spaced-repetition flashcards and dynamic study planner.Employees cite watching videos most often (65%) when choosing how they like to learn. This is followed by lectures and presentations (55%), and reading short articles (47%).

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Set Manageable GoalsAutomate Study PlanningSelect a start date, exam date, and how many hours you can study per week, and your study planner will generate a schedule for each day, week, and month.When life happens, your dynamic study planner adapts your schedule so you can keep your momentum, even when the unexpected happens.ACBACBACBACB13Train Employees to Train ThemselvesProvide your employees with their login credentials and they’ll be ready to start studying—no assembly required. Our dynamic study planner adapts curricula to individual schedules, and the self-study system empowers employees to identify and fill knowledge gaps. Managers and executives can focus on improving the firm while their employees hone job-relevant skills and knowledge.

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Identify Knowledge GapsTake the most direct path to success by studying exactly what you need. Target your weaknesses by subject, topic, or custom tag, and study accordingly.14Stay on TrackOpen your study plan calendar and view everything you need to study on a given date. All you have to do is click a link and start studying.ACBACBACBACB

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© UWorld, LLC. All rights reserved.Future-Proof Your WorkforceBuilding an internal talent pipeline via certification training is the future of work. Reduce turnover, attract top talent, and stay on the cutting edge of the upskilling revolution with UWorld.Learn more about our custom pricing solutionsWe provide institutional discounts to companies and universities worldwide. Let’s develop a plan that works for you and your institution.Connect with a UWorld Sales Rep